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A series of games that seek to educate students about climate change



This site contains a series of games that seek to educate 12- 15 year old Greek students about climate change. The site discusses different topics that explore relationships between society and climate change. The hope is to empower future generations to mitigate climate change, adapt to its effects and be resi l ient for the years to come. The games can be adapted and adjusted to be played by other age groups.

Throughout the site, you will notice that the games were designed to be interdisciplinary and will touch upon multiple topics. This is due to connections between var ious game topics and how climate change af fects us in many ways.

In addition, all worksheets and supportive material can be found as pdf for downloading at the page of every game.

The information and games in this site have been inspired by and adapted from various sources which can al l be found in the references section.

We do not claim ownership of any material in this site.

We hope you enjoy!


April 2019

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